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  • As the JavaScript community continued to expand rapidly in last few years, a lot of good things have happened to JavaScript as a language. One of those good things was its penetration into the server-side development world via Node.js.

    Lets see the ES6 Features available in Javascript.

  • ECMAScript 8 or ECMAScript 2017 was officially released last year end of June by TC39 (what is TC39? Technical Committee 39 which is the official committee for the evolution of Javascript. This committee conducts meeting regularly and usually the members are browser vendors ). Now the standard is to publish new specifications once a year. ES5 was published in 2009 and after that, the major release was ES6 in 2015, ES7 in 2016.

  • Angular CLI 6.1.0 is out (in fact we even have a 6.1.1 available)! Lets have a look into the features of the Angular 6.1.

  • You must have been hearing about the new React 16.3 buzz all around social media and developer newsletters. There are a few interesting new features that explains the reason for the excitement. One of them is the new Context API.

    This post explains the React Context API by showing off the old and new version, comparing them, and explaining how best to use the API.